Registration Changes

Registration Changes

Non-Practising certificates are available to members whom are still eligible to practice as an LPN, but are currently on a leave or planning a leave from practice.  Examples of common leave types are:

  • Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Disability
  • Illness
  • Education
  • Worker’s Compensation

Benefits of changing to a non-practising certificate include:

  • NO Continuing Education Portfolio (CEP) hour requirement for the duration of time you are registered as non-practising
  • Registration remains in good standing

See the CLPNS Fee Schedule for the current non-practising certificate fee.

To access the online form, please log into your member portal.

If an LPN on leave does not initiate a change in status from Practising to Non-Practising, the annual renewal requirements, such as 24 CEP hours, remain mandatory. For members who change their status to Non-Practising, CEP hours are calculated at the pro-rated rate for next Practising renewal

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Non-Practising Certification to Practising License

Are you planning to return to practice as an LPN and are currently registered as Non-Practising? If so, please log into your CLPNS Member Portal to access the online registration change form.

The Continuing Education Portfolio (CEP) hours are based on the amount of time practicing licensure is held and begin at the time the practicing status change occurs. Pro-rated CEP requirements may apply, please see the chart for details:

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CEP Pro-rated Chart: