Review of the Registrar’s Decisions

The CLPNS reviews, assesses, approves, or denies registration and licensure applications per The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, 2000, and the Regulatory Bylaws.   

If you disagree with the Registrar’s decision, you can submit an application to the CLPNS Council requesting a review of the decision. There is no charge to submit a review application request.

Applicant Responsibilities – Submitting a Request for Review  

Applicants must:  

  1. Submit a letter by regular mail or email within thirty (30) days of receiving the Registrar’s decision.   
  2. Ensure the letter includes the reason(s) why you believe the Registrar’s decision was made in error.   
  3. Provide supporting documentation. 

Applications by Mail, send to:  
CLPNS Council 
2208 Victoria Ave. E 
Regina, SK S4N 7B9 

Applications by Email, send to: 

Council Responsibilities  

 The Council will: 

  1. Allow the applicant to make a verbal presentation to the Council at: 
    • Their next scheduled meeting, or, 
    • At another date or time after consultation with the applicant
  2. Respond to the review by either: 
    • Directing the Registrar to amend the original decision, or 
    • Confirming the Registrar’s decision as correct.
  3. Inform the applicant of its decision in writing.


 Click here to review the CLPNS’s Review of the Registrar’s Registration and Licensure Decisions Policy.