New Out of Province Graduates

Watch the video below for all information on applying as a New Out of Province Graduate.

This page is for applicants who:

  • recently graduated from a Canadian Practical Nursing program located outside of Saskatchewan;
  • have not yet written and/or passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPRNE); and
  • are currently registered/licensed in the province where they recently graduated

If the above applies to you, please begin your Out of Province Graduate Licensed Practical Nurse (GLPN) application by clicking on the Member Portal and creating an account.  Once your account is created, you are required to submit your application and all necessary documentation online.

Member Portal

On the home screen of your member portal, click apply in the Graduate box.


Tips to Get Started

  1. Have your PN program completion date and location of graduation information ready.
  2.  If you've completed any other post-secondary education (non-nursing), have the date, name of the program and location information available.
  3. Save copies of two pieces of government-issued identification to upload.
  4. Recent criminal record check (dated within the last 6 months) from either the RCMP or a local police department.
  5. Secure the required $200 application payment (VISA, VISA Debit or MasterCard only)
  6. Send your Verification of Registration (VOR) form to the licensing body(s) that you are currently registered with. Once the other body(s) completes the form, they will send it directly to the CLPNS. Click below to access the form.
VOR Form

Once you submit the application information, a CLPNS Registration team member will review your information. If satisfied, the team member will provide you with access to continue your application journey. You will be notified of this via email!

When your access is granted, please log back into your CLPNS Portal for instructions.


English Language

Applicants currently licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction and applying to the CLPNS are considered to have met English language proficiency requirements for their initial Canadian LPN licensure.  If the other Canadian jurisdiction assessed a language other than English for your registration and licensure, the CLPNS may require an alternate method of language proficiency assessment.

Out-of-province applicants who already met another jurisdiction’s licensure requirements for English language proficiency may not need to provide additional proof of proficiency to the CLPNS.

Following a successful review of the above, you can expect an email inviting you to log back into your portal to complete the $450 licensure payment. Once payment is processed, your LPN license will be issued. If there are questions or outstanding requirements for your application, you will be notified by email or telephone.