Learning Resources

The CLPNS encourages LPNs to commit to on-going learning during their professional career. Below are small samples of education providers that offer online and in-person learning.

The CLPNS does not endorse or approve any provider or course on this list. It is the responsibility of the LPN to determine their own learning needs and apply the best education for themselves.

This list is not inclusive of all learning opportunities, but it will give you a start on your path to continuing education.

If you find a link or a provider is no longer available, please contact info@clpns.com so that we may update our list.

If you discover a course or provider that you think we should add, again contact us and we will review it for uploading.

Many other regulators and associations in Canada also have learning modules that may be accessible to you. It is your responsibility to seek out the learning that suits your needs and your situation.

Please track your real-time spent completing each CEP activity. This will be the amount of time/hours you may claim.

Click here for a list of External Learning Resources