Regulatory Performance Standards

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Saskatchewan Voluntarily Adopts New Regulatory Performance Standards

In January 2021, the CLPNS announced that it voluntarily adopted seventeen new regulatory performance standards to guide the regulation of the Licensed Practical Nurse profession in Saskatchewan. The standards apply across eight domains throughout the organization’s work, including governance, CLPNS’s legislated responsibilities, and CLPNS’s relationships with stakeholders and system partners.

The Regulatory Performance Standards were developed to support:

  1. Improving the CLPNS’s regulatory performance
  2. Increasing CLPNS’s accountability and transparency
  3. Preserving the CLPNS’s regulatory focus into the future
  4. Serving as a guide for strategy development, operational planning and reporting mechanisms.

Without a formal oversight body for regulators in Saskatchewan, CLPNS assesses its own performance against the standards annually. The assessment results in a report outlining CLPNS’s compliance. The Regulatory Performance Standards, the 2021 and the 2022 reports can be accessed here:

Performance Standards