Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE)

The CLPNS determines the eligibility to write the CPNRE.  Once the CLPNS informs you that you are eligible, you can begin the online CPNRE application.  Eligible writers can access the application once they log into their CLPNS Member Portal.   

Once your application is approved, the CLPNS will forward your name to Meazure Learning, and they will review the information.  Within a week, you can expect to receive an email from Meazure Learning inviting you to schedule your exam date and time. 

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CPNRE Dates 

  • January 1 – 31
  • March 1 – 31
  • May 1 – 31
  • July 1 – 31
  • September 1 – 30
  • November 1 – 30


The CPRNE fee is $600.00 

Exam Delivery

The CPNRE is delivered virtually.  All CPNRE candidates must have access to a desktop or laptop computer, the internet, and a clean and quiet space to write the exam.  

Exam Results

CPNRE official results are released approximately two weeks following the mid-point of the writing window and again two weeks after the writing window closes.  The CLPNS emails all the results.

Please note:  Once the CLPNS processes “successful” results, a change in licensure status will occur for members currently licensed as a graduate.  All GLPNs successful with the CPNRE will have their status appear as Practising in the CLPNS  Public Register.  The registration change from GLPN to Practising may appear before receiving your official results by email. 

Candidates have four (4) opportunities to pass the CPNRE.  All attempts must occur in succession.

It is considered an attempt if you fail to attend or appear to your scheduled CPNRE If licensed as a GLPN, candidates who are unsuccessful on their fourth CPNRE attempt are no longer eligible to write and have graduate licensure revoked. 

Exam Accommodations 

The CLPNS must approve exam accommodations.  To request an exam accommodation, you must submit the documentation required for the CLPNS’s approval at least 6 weeks before the exam window opens.   

To apply, please provide the following information to the CLPNS: 

  1. CPNRE Candidate Application Form
  2. Documentation supporting your need for accommodations from a regulated health professional

For complete CPNRE information, including preparation tools, visit;

For more information about the CPNRE, please email