Annual Renewal Information

Do you have questions about your licensure renewal? Everything you need to know is here! 


  • Renewal Tutorial Guide 
  • CEP information
  • CEP FAQ’s
  • Practice Hours FAQ’s
  • Fees
  • How to book an appointment 

Important Dates:

  • October 15: renewal opens
  • December 1: renewal deadline
  • December 2: late fees begin
  • December 31: registrations expire at midnight
  • January 1: must be licensed to work!

If you do not renew and pay for your license by the Dec 31 deadline, you will no longer be licensed to practice. Re-licensure options are available at that time, but it is not a quick or inexpensive process.

You will be subject to CLPNS Disciplinary actions if you work without a license, even if it is just one shift. Please don’t let this happen to you.


Why CEP?

This CEP document explains the purpose of CEP, how to accumulate education hours and more.
Click Here to Read

Categorize Your CEP

There are two charts that can help you determine how many CEP hours you require for renewal and how to categorize each CEP activity you've completed!
CEP Requirements & Categorize

    cEP FAQ'S



    Renewal fees are due on or before December 1st
    Practising licensure: $450
    GLPN licensure: $450
    Non-Practising Certification: $60
    Practice Hour Extension = $100
    Supervised Practice Experience = $250
    Late Fees = $100 (Dec. 2 - 31)
    *Late fees are in addition to the renewal fees.

    Practice Hours

    To be eligible for renewal, a member must have worked a minimum of 1250 LPN hours in the previous 5-year period (there is no yearly requirement). In some cases, the CLPNS Registrar can extend the 5-year requirement to members or recommend a Supervised Practice Experience (SPE).

    Practice Hours Extension Policy 
    Supervised Practice Experience Policy 

    2019 – 1100 hours worked
    2020 – 200 hours worked
    2021 – 1450 hours worked
    2022 – 0 hours worked
    2023 – 300 hours worked

    3050 total hours in the last 5 years = Eligible for renewal

    To view a list of the LPN hours you worked in the last few years, log in to your CLPNS Member Portal and click Update Profile.

    Click here to view all Practice Hours Extension Information 
    Click here to view all Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) Information

    Practice Hour FAQ's


    Renewal Support

    Renewal support is offered in a few different ways:

    1. Through the support hotline at 306-525-8022, available Monday & Thursday from October 17 until December 22.
    2. Email support at
    3. Book an appointment. Click here! 
      Appointments are mandatory for in-person assistance, walk-ins will not be accepted. 

    Before contacting the CLPNS for support, members are expected to review the renewal tutorial and any other related CLPNS resources.

    The support line and appointment times are available: Mondays and Thursdays between 0900 – 1600.