Practice Hours & Extensions

To be eligible for annual licence renewal, CLPNS Members must have worked at least 1250 nursing hours in the previous five (5) years. Occasionally, circumstances arise, resulting in the inability of Members to meet the minimum practice hours required for annual renewal. When this occurs, the CLPNS Registrar may extend the 5-year requirement to members who apply in writing and meet the criteria outlined in the Practice Hour Extension Policy.

2019 – 1100 hours worked
2020 – 200 hours worked
2021 – 1450 hours worked
2022 – 0 hours worked
2023 – 300 hours worked

3050 total hours worked in the last 5 years = Eligible for renewal

Not sure if you should apply for an extension?  For a list of the LPN hours you worked in the last few years, log in to your CLPNS Member Portal and click Update Profile.  If the hours listed and the hours for the current year do not meet the 1250 requirement, you may consider applying for an extension.


The Practice Hour Extension Application is available online and requires the Member to:

    • Outline their request and the reason(s) an extension is needed,
    • Have their practice hours for the previous five (5) years verified,
  • Submit an action plan about how they intend to accumulate the required hours in the future,
  • Submit documentation from a physician, another health professional, or employer that verifies the Member’s extended leave from LPN practice, if applicable,
  • Submit documentation from an employer verifying the employment the Member will return to, if applicable,
  • Submit any other pertinent information, as requested by the CLPNS Registrar, and,
  • Pay a $100 application fee.

Once the application and supporting documentation are submitted, the Registrar will review it and decide if allowing more time is appropriate and will not cause risk to the public. If approved, the Registrar will offer an agreement to the Member for their signature. If the Registrar denies an application, the Member will receive the decision, including the reasons for the decision, by email.