2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Update

The CLPNS Council held its Annual General Meeting on May 10, 2023.  Approximately 40 members of CLPNS attended the meeting on Zoom, while non-CLPNS members watched a live feed on YouTube.


The Annual Report, including the audited financial statements, was sent to Members on April 25.  At the meeting, members could ask questions about the materials provided in the 2022 annual report.

Bylaw Approval

The Regulatory Bylaws were presented to the membership for confirmation and approval.

  1. IEN Graduate Licensure

    The CLPNS members at the meeting confirmed a Regulatory Bylaw allowing internationally educated applicants to register as a graduate licensed practical nurses after meeting all licensure requirements and before writing the licensure exam.

  2. Supervised Practice Experience for Licensure Eligibility

    The CLPNS Council presented a Regulatory Bylaw amendment allowing previously licensed CLPNS members and applicants ineligible for licensure because they do not meet the practice hour requirement an opportunity to become eligible by completing a Supervised Practice Experience (SPE).  Previously licensed CLPNS members and applicants must meet all other licensure requirements.  The members present at the AGM approved the amendment, and the CLPNS submitted it to the Minister of Health for review and anticipated approval.

    The CLPNS Council believes this amendment is in the public interest as it provides a way to support formerly licensed LPNs and applicants to demonstrate competency and become familiar with the employment setting.  An SPE supports previously licensed members to return to practice and applicants to begin practicing as LPNs. This amendment responds to a resolution submitted by a CLPNS member at the 2019 AGM. More information about the SPE program will be available once the bylaws are in effect.


Council Elections

At the closing of the AGM, Marlo Umahag assumed the role of Council Chair after being elected as the Vice-Chair in 2021. Congratulations, Marlo.

The Council bids farewell to outgoing Council Chair Linda Ewen and Council Member Kim Flath. Linda served six years on the CLPNS Council, and Kim served two years.  The contributions and commitment of both Linda and Kim are appreciated.

Two Council positions were open for nomination this year; the Vice-Chair and a Council Member position.  Two existing Council Members, Uniqa Anmol and Kirsten Hack, participated in the election for Vice-Chair. Three CLPNS Members participated in the election for Council Member; Amanda Haugerud, Crystal Morin, and Patrick Shields.  The Council offers gratitude and commends all participants for allowing themselves to stand for election.

The successful candidates are:

  • Council Vice-Chair: Kirsten Hack
  • Council Member: Patrick Shields

Kirsten’s election to the Vice-Chair position resulted in a vacancy on the Council.  On May 11, 2023, Crystal Morin, second place election candidate, accepted an offer of appointment to the Council to fill the vacancy.

Congratulations to Kirsten, Patrick, and Crystal. 

The next Council meeting is on June 27, 2023.

To view the live recording of the AGM, click here!