Need to Contact the CLPNS about LPN Practice, Standards, Ethics, or the CEP Program?

Beginning January 1, 2021, the CLPNS Practice Department will no longer accept telephone inquiries. All inquiries must be submitted through the online submission form or direct email to

Why are we making this change? 

There are several reasons for the change, they are:

  • When an inquiry comes in, we want to provide you with the best possible advice. Often this requires a review of CLPNS documents and database for similar questions and responses. It is important that we provide up-to-date and consistent guidance for LPNs, employers, and others.
  • By having written questions and advice, both parties will have a written record to keep on file. 
  • When the CLPNS provides an emailed response, additional reference material is frequently attached to support the advice or decision that the CLPNS has made.


Will there still be a phone line to call about practice issues or the CEP program?

No. The CLPNS will receive your questions through the online submission form and by email; we also respond to inquiries by email. If additional support is required or there is a lack of clarity on a practice issue, the CLPNS may follow up with a phone call and an email summarizing the discussion. The email is kept as a record of the communication for accurate documentation and transparency of the exchange.


How long will it take to receive a reply? 

The CLPNS aims to respond to all inquiries within 3 business days. When this is not possible, you will receive a note informing you when you can expect a reply. Delays are usually because some inquiries take longer than others to research, a staff member is away from the office or engaged in other CLPNS projects.

What if I have contacted the wrong department? 

If your question is more appropriate for another CLPNS department, it is forwarded to the relevant team member for response.

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Representing the life and vitality of Saskatchewan’s people cared for by LPNs, the heartbeat of the nursing profession is a bond woven between the shared land and its’ people.
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Culturally Safe Care CEP

Culturally safe care recognizes and strives to address inherent power imbalances in the healthcare system. Culturally safe care helps a healthcare environment to be free of racism and discrimination.

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