National Indigenous History Month 2023

June is National Indigenous History Month, and June 21, 2023, the summer solstice, is National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The CLPNS is committed to a journey toward authentic allyship. The CLPNS will become an authentic ally through its work as the regulator of the LPN profession, through its presence as an organization, and as an employer. 

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SALPNs Journey to Authentic Allyship

We Are Proud to Introduce Our New CLPNS Logo!

Representing the life and vitality of Saskatchewan’s people cared for by LPNs, the heartbeat of the nursing profession is a bond woven between the shared land and its’ people.
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Culturally Safe Care CEP

Culturally safe care recognizes and strives to address inherent power imbalances in the healthcare system. Culturally safe care helps a healthcare environment to be free of racism and discrimination.

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