2017 CLPNS Competency Profile, 3rd Edition

The Profile

The CLPNS Council and staff are pleased to share the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Competency Profile. This version represents nearly eighteen months of research, consultation, and revision. Consultations were completed with LPNs from multiple practice areas, educators of LPNs, employers, and policy makers. In consultation, the current practices of LPNs were validated against the current competencies within LPN practice and the foundational knowledge obtained in the practical nursing program. The competencies within the completed competency profile have been validated as contained and/or supported by the foundational knowledge in the Practical Nursing program.

The Competency Profile is a practice resource describing the competencies within the Scope of Practice of the LPN practicing in Saskatchewan.  The Competency Profile is a non-legislative document. The practice of LPNs is held to and measured against the standards and regulatory requirements contained in legislative documents such as the Licensed Practical Nurses Act 2000, CLPNS Regulatory Bylaws, and the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

The Competency Profile is intended to improve understanding of the LPN role, reduce confusion, and therefore support safety in LPN practice. To successfully achieve this, it is important that each LPN  fully review the document, paying special attention to the introduction to the document. The introduction includes crucial information regarding the application and utilization of the specific competencies within the LPN Context of Practice.  Specific competencies are irrelevant if not considered within the context of LPN practice.

The following video will explain the history of the Competency Profile and how to navigate the document. Please watch the video prior to reviewing the document.

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Last Updated Nov. 22, 2022


Individual Sections by Competency Area

Introduction & Glossary
A: Professionalism N: Pediatrics
B: Leadership O: Mental Health and Addiction
C: Nursing Knowledge P: Emergency Care
D: Nursing Process Q: Gerontology
E: Safety R: Palliative Care
F: Communication and Interpersonal Skills S: Rehabilitation
G: Nursing Practice T: Community Based Care
H: Respiratory Care U: Oncology
I: Surgical V: Occupational Health & Safety
J: Orthopedics W: Medication Administration
K: Neurological/Neurosurgical X: Infusion Therapy
L: Cardiovascular Y: Educator
M: Maternal/Newborn Care Z: Peri-Operative Specialized Area of Practice 

AA: Hemodialysis Specialized Area of Practice

BB: Orthopedic Specialized Area of Practice